As a Woman over 50 “Now” Living Her best Life I want to Live at My best for as Long as Possible

I truly believe everything we’ve gone through has as Lisa Nichols calls it “Gifts Wrapped in Sandpaper” and in a former life I was a Team Leader of a group of Carer’s delivering Care to mostly elderly people in the Community to allow them remain Independent in their own home’s.

From that situation and seeing their ailments and how it was effecting Their qualities of Life made me decide that I was going to do everything possible to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible

I also believe Mindset is a massive factor and I am an avid Fan of Vishen Lakhinai and his Company Mindvalley and his studies and documentaries about Mindset and Longevity where I learned about telomeres and stem cell research and the benefits on reducing or reversing ageing so imagine my excitement when I learnt of a company that sold award winning scientifically proven products in this area

I was so excited I actually partnered with them to purchase their products, sell the products and build a business around them and help others do the same to help them, like me create a Life of Freedom & Joy

They have an Absolutely Amazing Product suite from weight loss, beauty and Anti-Aging

It is called “Y.E.S” = Youth – Enhancement – System

Your One Stop Shop to Live Better Longer

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The Benefits of Starting your Own Y>E>S Business is you get to purchase the products for your self and your Loved Ones Wholesale prices while Living longer for Less. Who doesn’t want that?

Not wanting to start your own business but want to Live Longer for Less. By becoming a preferred customer you can get the Products not quite wholesale prices but definitely Cheaper than normal retail prices ~ Win,Win !!!

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If you are wondering “Hey, Alison how did you start a business selling these products that you love? I would like to do something like this check out this “Very” short video that makes sense of it and how to join is in the weblink above or feel free to email me directly if you have any questions

My Journey to Jeunesse

Wow ~ If You are still here reading this I Believe that is because YOU are a person who knows they deserve more and can feel it in Their Soul and there are no accidents ~ My Journey could be Your Journey

Now you know a bit more about the business let me tell you about my Journey to Jeunesse

Even though it may look like my Journey started on a miserable December day I believe my Journey to Jeunesse started long before I even heard the name.

In 2018 I was watching some replays of “A Most Powerful Women” event from 2015 and 2 women in particular stood out for me and I started following them. One in particular was living what I would call my “Ideal Lifestyle”

Fast Forward almost 3 Years and I am working in my Bricks n Mortar business busily trying to finish orders for my 121 clients for Christmas whilst watching video’s of a challenge I was doing called “The One Funnel Away Challenge”

Now I was very grateful for the life I had manifested and though I had no doubt that with the vehicle of Network Marketing I would be living like the woman I mentioned above eventually I was not there yet with the Location, Time and Financial Freedom I desired.

I had probably picked the complete worst time to start the challenge with no real idea of what it involved but 100% belief Funnels were the secret to my Freedom and know the beginning part of the year is the quietest I could educate myself then and implement later but whoa, little did I know that this very minimal cost upfront course was literally going to blow my mind and change my life in the process

As I listened to the possibilities of what could be created with “Funnels” and the success stories from all the 2 Comma Award winners ( A 2 Comma Club award is for when you have made a million dollars, hence the two comma’s in one sales funnel) I started to have this light bulb moment of “Hang on, this system would be awesome for a product based Network Marketing company”

My first Rodeo in to the awesome industry came about when inspired by Bob Proctor who said “Successful People have Multiple Sources of Income” I recruited myself when hearing indirectly about a Coffee based Company but I was so busy with my Bricks n Mortar business creating bespoke orders that “Always” took longer than I expected I never really dedicated myself to the business but it was a really good introduction to it’s world and Fantastic Community ~ I finally found my Tribe of People who believed in Personal Development and the abilities of The Law of Attraction and talked openly of it and truly wanted the best for each other and gave me the unexpected Bi-product of the Confidence to Speak my Truth instead of hiding behind my alter ego “The Law Of Attraction Lover”

Eric Worre – The God Father of Network Marketing says “People Don’t Work the Business and then Tell other People the Business doesn’t work” and that’s why it gets such a bad reputation but I was 100% aware that I did not dedicate enough time to and therefore not work my business however I moved on to a service based Company believing this was a better solution to my “Location Freedom” Goal however Covid-19 hit and virtually shut down that Opportunity and being the authentic person I am I could not confidently sell the business to anyone else however I do still do one facet of it as an Independent Travel agent

After I had my initial “Ah Ha” moment the very next Training video was a bonus and it was explaining how Sales Funnels could work in any industry, especially Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales businesses but it was very specific in what you should be looking for in a Company ~ I paused the video, put down the duck I was working on and grabbed my Journal and bullet pointed everything I was about to hear

Tony Robbins says “Success Leaves Clues” and I had committed myself to only listening to 6 and 7 Figure Earners in the areas I was interested in and knowing the person I was listening to was a multiple 2 Comma Award Winner I was all ears ~ The other person I resonated to in 2018 said once on her podcast “Don’t listen to broke Pam living in a Van eating spam out of a can” for success tips. Sorry if I have offended any Pam’s reading this

I then set the intention to go about researching Companies that had those specifications and do my Due Diligence on them in the New Year because as I said this Challenge completely changed my world and woke me up to the things I wasn’t liking in my current business and situation and I wrote some clear goals based on those realisations of what I didn’t want and what I did want going forward however ….

Maybe because I finally sat myself down and did some straight talking with myself and had clear vision of where I wanted to go, the “Perfect Opportunity” found me between the Christmas and New Year and as per usual with the Universe and the Law of Attraction it far outweighed anything I could have ever anticipated ~ for example the products all being about Longevity

Not only did it have everything on my bullet list and more, how I found out about it was following a sequence of synchronistic events and involved a 6 Figure earner and I had been following for a while (now my sponsor) and Their sponsor is married to the multiple 7 Figure Earner I had been following since 2018 and whose real life emulates my ideal life I am finally working my way towards and how I am working towards it … by one of those goals I had on my list I made on that fateful day in December to build a 2 Comma Funnel using ClickFunnels thanks to following my Intuition and joining the One Funnel Away Challenge

If my story has inspired you and you are interested in The OFA Challenge or ClickFunnels please check out my link below

Once again inspired by Bob Proctor and what he said about successful people having multiple streams of income … what I did not know entering the OFA challenge. All along its founder Russell Brunson kept saying “If you don’t have a business at the moment. Don’t worry, do the work and I promise you we can sort that for you later down the line and what I found out is you can become an affiliate for ClickFunnel products and build your Funnels around that and inspired by Bob and Grateful to Russell for his awesome products and how they changed my life to bring me closer to my dreams of Location Free Businesses why wouldn’t I become and affiliate

What would be so amazing is you joined the business with me, took the challenge. Became an affiliate and we build Funnels and businesses together helping Millions of People finally be able to follow Their passions and have Lives of Freedom and Joy

I’m on a Mission to change the face of Network Marketing and how it is done incorporating Intuition and Visualisation and The Law of Attraction

Everyday Living in Gratitude

Ali xoxo