😡 Beware the power of Negative Media 😡

I saw this head line screenshot and posted into a Facebook group and despite not watching the news or reading newspapers because I know there intention of ‘scare and awe’ it sent me searching the internet for the full article

Reason being, today I am supposed to be flying to Crete by EasyJet but the flights have been cancelled and we have claimed a voucher to travel in 2021 but if they are… I am writing in air quotes now “hanging by a thread” I didn’t want to lose the hundreds of pounds sitting in their account waiting to be transferred to another flight

I read the article but a couple things confused me so I read it again and some parts a third time to digest it as best I could and I started analyse the data and the way I read it EasyJet are doing all they can to manage the fall out of Covid-19 and appreciate their cheese has been moved so doing what they can to minimise the impact to stay afloat and yes they are very vulnerable as most businesses are and if they don’t have a great summer next year there future maybe questionable but I’m sure that’s the same for most businesses and if they are aware if they don’t have a successful summer things are drastic that means they aren’t possibly going bust right this second

I to have had to pivot due to low footfall and I know businesses that are also evaluating their futures and some people’s mindsets have changed completely due to these unprecedented times and have chosen to have a better quality of life because of this situation and give up their businesses but headlines like this could send people as I initially did, think of racing for a refund or not book Travel for 2021and if that happened that would probably send EasyJet through the loop and for what …. somebody’s “Good Attention Grabbing Headline”

And that’s why I wrote beware the power of the media

If businesses are effected by the power of the press to create a “Headline” that means many people’s Jobs are effected and put at risk, then their families and people’s well-being as they navigate the minefield of un-employment and how they are going to support their family ~ buts that’s ok isn’t it ~ they got their scoop, their story, their salary from their Jurassic style journalism 🤬

Two books I recommend at this strange time in history are “Who moved my cheese” by Dr Spencer Johnson and “The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday that will help get your brain focused on solutions rather than fear and thank Goodness I spent many a year reading Personal Development books prior to this time because the pre-personal development Ali would definitely not have positively pivoted and most likely have been sat huddled in the corner of the sofa wanting the world to go away ~ how do I know ???

Because that is how I dealt with the world before working on my Mindset and don’t believe me… this is not a sales tactic by the way but that full previously untold story is coming out in a book whose launch date is imminent and that would have definitely not have happened to that Ali – a book launch 😱

I am an Amazon Affiliate and I have dropped Amazon links for the book mentioned above for quick, easy access. Please note I do not make any money from the customer ~ Affiliates receive any commission earned from the product supplier

If you would like any advice on how to start a Personal Development journey or good books to read do not hesitate to drop me a DM because now … my purpose is to serve and help people find their more purposeful positive life and remember “Your dream is not over until you’re dead”

PS: first tip !!! Stop watching the news and reading newspapers 😉

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