* I Am on a mission to help others create a Life they don’t want to take a holiday from while creating in actuality even more Freedom and Joy than they have ever experienced and making Mondays the most Joyous day of the week

* I Am looking to connect with and support people who FEEL that yearning inside that tells them they are destined for special things because in fact we ALL are.

* People who have an authentic message, gift, talent to give to the world but have not been able to fully explore or express it up to now

* I want to see people rise up like a Phoenix from the ashes of suppression to the elevation of Freedom.

* You are already who you were meant to be. I am on a mission to help as many people as possible tap into their ‘Soul Version” of themselves and then help them express their individual Secret Sauce and construct a Life they want to jump out of bed for.

* Have you heard the saying shoot for the moon and even if you miss you end up in the stars.

* I want to hang out with people who are on a quest to constantly grow and Transform and then when they hit that level up level again because deep down they know they deserve this.

* If your Goal doesn’t make you poo your pant’s it’s not big enough !!

* What is your biggest juiciest desire? Honestly ? Try again. No, no one is looking honestly, try again ~ forget the moon. Think Universe, Galaxy and especially forget what you think you should be doing because of everyone else. Would they live their dream your way ?

* Do you inherently believe people are good, kind, honest and there is a different world view we are currently being presented with? So do I ~ Welcome to “Team Liberty”

Alison’s Bio

I’m Alison K Parsons, Ali for short or The Law of Attraction Lover or the Duck Lady but that is a whole other Story and as Buckminster Fuller was I am my own living project.

Like Bucky Fuller I made a decision several years ago to make my “OWN Life” an Experiment of what I can achieve by constantly learning and implementing the knowledge I have gained and then hopefully inspire other people that they to can create Lives of Freedom and Joy doing what They LO💖E and if they so choose, Fashion Their Passion into Money in Their Purse

Since starting this project – At this point in time that you are reading this I have gone from a huddled, mess scared to go outside to a International Best Selling Author in “Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling” where you can learn more about the huddled mess and I also have and Am several other things as follows:

💙 Law of Attraction Blogger & Podcaster & Author

💛 Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner & Certified Master Life Coach

💙 Intuitive Networker & Founder of The Freedom Empire Builders

💛 Bricks & Mortar Business Owner, Creative Artist and Duck Painter

That may not have seemed the ideal Field to be in when faced with the most unprecedented times in our recent history but instead of Letting Fear overwhelm me I held the Faith and Belief that this would be one of the most beneficial industries to be involved in and my belief was proven correct

That is the Core of Creating a Life yet unseen ~ holding the Faith and Belief regardless your current situation and acting as If ~ Keep updated with my journey of unseen to seen in my podcast “The Fab Over Forty Show”

That’s me in sort of a nutshell, as well as being a mother, grandmother and loving daughter living in Somerset, UK.

Trust me there is so much more going on behind the scenes and I know more I am not even aware of at this point in time until the Universe presents it to me and I AM Sure the same is for YOU.

Now, I would love to know about YOUR Personal Development stories over on social media or if you want help with your own “Personal Life Experiment”.

Email me at alisonkparsons@thelawofattractionlover.com to book a Free 30 minutes Coaching Session to see how We can Fashion Your Passion in to an Online Location Free Income and don’t forget to stop over onto the FREEBIES page for your free gift.

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